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The College of Craft Education

The creation of the College (see Timeline) together with the two grades of membership was in response to the fact that craft Teachers had no opportunity to work for a University Degree. The 'Membership' grade was deemed to be degree equivalent, but was not sadly recognized for salary purposes. This was at the time when Training College teachers were paid less than those from Universities. There was always a feeling of unfairness owing to the fact that those trained in the Training  Colleges were better equipped for the classroom due to the three year career focus.
Up until the relatively recent, at one independent school the craft/design technology teacher was not allowed to share in the staff common room. He had to have his breaks and lunch with the maintenance staff.
The College Membership course consisted of working over two years (whilst in-service) producing monthly research and essays on topics relating to Educational Practice and subject specific Historical Aspects. During one summer a Summer School would be attended, but towards the end of the two years the student would design and make an item for assessment. These courses were held at St. John's College, York.

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