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Welcome to the place for sharing expertise and knowledge related to crafts and technology in a wide variety of areas. A place where we can encourage enthusiasm towards 'skill and quality' in 'making and creating'.

From Cabinet Making; Silversmithing; Steel construction; and Landrovers!

Anything in the field of making, design, technology, and construction.


We aim to share expertise through personal contact, linked contacts, and 'on the spot' technology using video, etc. to transmit through distance if necessary.

We start locally by making contact with local friends and neighbours, but keep it manageable by restricting numbers to 8 who meet together. Other groups are created, but effective links between them are made to effect the 'share' element.

Structure and responsibilities are kept to a minimum.

It is not a 'club'!

No subscriptions, no officers, no hassle. We just agree to meet regularly and have an effective communication system.

What do we do?

Chat, give demonstrations, talks, explanations, answer questions, effect visits, etc.

"If we can't help, we know someone who can!"

Live Stream

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Click on a name for more information.


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